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The Modern Truss Loft In All New Houses

Most loft conversion companies don't convert these, but have the experience and expertise to do just that, quickly...

The Modern Truss Roof

The most popular roof style since the late 1960, due to it being a cheaper construction method.

Does your roof look like this? Then you have modern truss roof.


Due to the supporting beams taking up the available space in the roof area so many builders will tell you that your loft is unconvertible, however here at TVM Lofts we are experts at converting this particular style of loft.

The conversion from a trussed roof to a truss-less roof simply involves the redistribution of the roofs weight from the trusses to beams running from gable to gable. This process involves the installation and use of steel beams.

Before work can begin a structural engineer will calculate the size of the steels required. Building Control will confirm these are adequate before commencement.

We also offer a DIY loft conversion option for you to consider – TVM Lofts carry out all the structural aspects of your project as required.

Contact TVM Lofts Conversions today for your free design consultation and roof survey.


When and why did the truss roof become popular?

Late 1960s, the most popular form of construction used factory-made roof trusses. These utilise thinner – and therefore cheaper timbers – but have structural integrity by the addition of braced diagonal timbers. They allow a house roof to be erected and felted in a day. However, this type of truss suggests that there are no load-bearing structures beneath, and so opening up the space requires a greater added structural input.

  • truss-loft-conversion-specialist-company-4

    A Typical Truss Loft

    This is what most post 1960’s house attics will look like when they go inside.

  • truss-loft-conversion-specialist-child-bedroom-2

    A Childs Bedroom In The New Loft

    Truss roof lofts can give a lot of usable space when converted correctly.

  • truss-loft-conversions-within-existing-roof-linsolnshire-0006

    A Master Bedroom And Ensuite

    This converted truss roof made into a fantastic master bedroom with luxury ensuite.

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