Day 3 onwards – Velux Windows and Roof Tiled

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Day three, now moved into completing the re-roof and starting the process of turning it into a bare roof space, into a living space.Part of the team will be focused on tiling your new roof, making it with weather hardy for decades to come. The rest of the team will be busy installing your new

Day 2 – Your New Roof Is Installed

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Day two is the transformation day, when we take your old roof, and replace it with a brand new, spacious roof. The day starts with part of the team removing all the remaining roof trusses in preparation for your new roof to arrive. Then in a production line manner, the rest of the team will

Day 1 – Prepare Existing Roof

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Day 1 - Prepare Existing Roof In advance of day one, scaffolding will have been placed around your building. So on day one we can prepare your roof in readiness, for the new roof going on the very next day.We start by stripping back your existing roof removing all: – Guttering – Softies and Facies

Do I need planning permission?

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In short, yes. As you are raising the roof ridge height (the point of the roof) then this by default requires planning permission. Don’t let this be a concern as we can handle the whole process for you. We can also advise on the probability of getting it through planning in the first instance, as

How long does it take to complete a roof lift conversion?

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Similar to the question of cost for a loft conversion, time frames are difficult to give a clear guideline on. There are so many factors involved with converting a loft, including those listed in the previous question. To get a feel for all of the stages involved with a roof lift loft conversion, have a

Can I not simply convert my loft instead?

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A large percentage of lofts can be converted, the difference is how far you have to go to make it a truly usable living space. If you want to convert within your existing loft space, you’ll need a minimum of head height of 2.3m from the top of the floor joist to the bottom of

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