Firstly a roof lift isn’t as scary or as expensive as you might think. Yes of course there is an increase of cost over conventional loft conversions, as the work and cost involved in completing a full roof lift is more, but not to the point of it being significantly more.

With this in mind it’s difficult to give a clear answer to how much it costs. It also depends on how you want to have your new loft space fitted out, and how much of this will be done by your builder. The largest factors of converting a roof are:

1) As well as the main roof lift conversion you can also add on additional dormers, extending the space yet further.

3) How the space is to fitted out, such as how many windows, bathroom or en-suites, or do you want a juliet balcony

4) How much of the work you wish to complete yourself if any. We offer a DIY Loft Conversion option, ideal if you want to keep costs down.

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