Loft Ladders & Boarding

Get Easy Access To Your Attic With Built-In Loft Ladders & Boarding

Your home’s loft has a lot of valuable space, especially when many modern houses have so little storage space. A good quality loft ladder and loft boarding can ensure you have quick and easy access to your attic.

One quick twist of our loft hatch unlocks the access hatch. The sprung hatch then lowers to reveal a strong wooden 3 section ladder. In a single action, the sturdy steps are lowered to the floor, and your ready to go.

You now have access to your loft; time for boarding to ensure you can use all of that valuable space. Just like our ladders, we use the best quality boards, which in turn also increases the insulation value of your loft.

Need the floor to float over your thick loft insulation? Not a problem, we have a great solution, and its far stronger than the DIY choice of plastic stilts.

Got a high ceiling? Down worry, we have a extra long ladder, equally as strong and easy to use as our standard loft ladder steps.

Loft Storage Optional Extras

Want even more from your loft storage space, then we offer a wide range of optional extras. If there is something specific you want to do with your loft storage space, then call us or pop into our showroom and we’ll happily help.

Access Balustrade

Make it easier to access your loft storage, and much safe whilst in use with a wooden balustrade


We can fit anything from a single light and switch, to multiple inset lights depending on needs and budget.

Electrical sockets

Any room or storage space really benefits from some form of electricity. We can fit one or multiple electrical sockets within your loft or attic.

Velux Loft Windows

Get lots of natural light into your loft space with one or more velux windows.

Sold boarding runners

We don’t use keep plastic stilts to raise the floor over the insulation, but solid wood runners. This also strengthens the existing flooring.

Loft Insulation

Keep your loft cooler in the summer and warmer int he winter. Plus your house overall will be better insulated saving your energy bills.

Room Plaster Boarded & Plastered

To make it a clean a function room / storage space we can board and plaster the ceiling and walls.

Radiator for warmth

Extend your current central heating system with an additional radiator. Keep your room cosy during the winter months, making it usable all year round.