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Is A DIY Conversion Option The One For You?

As offer partial loft conversions, leaving you to complete the work you want to do.

What is a DIY Or Partial Loft Conversion?

In simple terms, this is a loft conversion wHere you want to complete some part of the work yourself. We can complete only the structural work, leaving you a weather tight and structural sound space to work on. In addition you may want TVM to complete 1st fit, such as flooring, insulation, base plumbing or electrical work and stud walls.

A great example is we completed a base loft conversion with a rear dormer. We completed all the structural work including installation of windows and skylights. We also installed a new staircase to meet all building regulations, and then we stopped. The customer then created a two bedroom, single bathroom installation, including all electrical work, plumbing, partition walls, plastering and final joinery work. We aided in the completion of building regulation sign-off, and gave a 10 year guarantee on the work completed by TVM.

Why do a DIY Loft Conversion?

Most people choose the DIY or Partial Loft Conversion options for two reasons: 1) To save money on the overall cost of the conversion; and 2) they simply want to put their mark on the alterations. For most it’s a mixture of the two, which is perfect with those who have the skills or know someone who has.

Another reason some customerS choose this option, is this allows the budget to stretch that little bit further to get what they really want. Any customer told us that they also wanted TVM to complete a garage conversion as well. By completing a percentage of the work themselves, meant, they could afford to get both done, making their home perfect, and within budget.

How much can I save by choosing the DIY Loft option?

This is the most difficult question to answer, as it depends greatly on how much you wish to complete with the process. The cost of the core structural work is about 40-60% of the overall cost. This means anything you complete thereafter is usually a saving of labour costs, leaving only your base materials to buy.

Does a DIY Loft Conversion need planning permission and does it need to comply with building regulation?

The quick answer is yes on both counts, regardless of who carries out the work. All alterations to a property must comply with all current building regulations, this includes loft/attic conversions, extension, electrical updates, and so on. Regarding planning permission, this really depends on what type of loft conversion you have planned. For example, if it’s within the existing roof space and you’re not in a conservation area, then you do not need planning permission. A front facing dormer or mansard would need planning permission. For more information about building regulation and planning permission, have a read of our quick reference guide.

Why can’t I just do the whole loft conversion myself,  instead of TVM Lofts?

As well as ensuring you comply with building regulations and planning permission, you must also ensure your loft is safe to take all the additional weight it will now carry. Any loft which doesn’t meet all of this criteria is both a risk to yourself, and it will affect your ability to sell your home later if you have not got the correct certification.

Modern roofs are made from cheaper materials and are not suitable for taking any additional weight. To do this, you must get the right engineering calculations done, then install specialist steel beams, and complete all strengthening works to the floor joists and roof timbers. There is also a very strict set of regulations around fire doors when completing a loft conversion. This must be taken into consideration as well when it comes to the design of your loft conversion.

TVM Lofts can carry out as much or as little of your project as you require.

So how do I get a quote for a DIY Loft Conversion from TVM?

That’s the easiest part of and it’s free! Simply give us a call, or complete our online enquiry form, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll schedule an appointment to view your project, we’ll sit down and discuss which aspects you’d like us to quote for. We’ll then send you a quote for each of the partS you want us to do, and you can decide how you wish to proceed, simple and hassle free.

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