Project Description

A hip to gable loft conversions can create a lot more usable floor space

What is a hip to gable loft conversion?

A hip to gable conversion, is where the “hip”, usually the third slope of the roof, and extend this out to be the same as the rest of the roof. You get hipped roofs on detached and semi-detached and end terrace properties.

Why have a hip to gable conversion?

By extending the existing roof ridge line, and creating a cable, this in turns creates more usable internal space. This increase can be quite significant and will make the space much more usable, as you now have a tall flat wall. We often see this space be used for a bathroom, or built in wardrobes due to the ceiling height now available. In many respects a hip to gable loft conversion gives the same a large dormer across the rear of the roof.

Do I need planning permission to hip to gable a loft conversion?

In most cases you don’t need planning permission, as a hip to gable loft conversion falls within ‘permitted development’, unless of course you live in a conservation area. For more information about planning permission and building regulations, please visit our planning permission help guide.

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