Roof Lift Options and Styles

TVM Roof Lifts offer a variety of options, some of which are listed below. If however you have something specific in mind just tell us. We work with each customer directly to understand their wants and needs, meaning we can offer a ‘solution’ based design service. So if you’ve been told, “we can’t do that”, or “that can’t be done”, then don’t despair, give us a call and we’ll work towards a solution for you and your home.
If you’re new to the concept of a roof loft, then you can also get a great introduction to all things roof lift on your Roof Lifts – An Introduction page. Here you’ll find out all the basics about what it is, what you need to consider and much more.
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Full Roof Lift Project

With a full roof lift project with TVM, we take your ideas and complete the project from start to finish. The only thing you’ll need to do is decorate and move in. We will look after the architectural work, planning permission, building regulations, electrical certifications and much more. When you’re having a bathroom or en-suite, this is fitted and ready for you to start using, your room or rooms will just need a lick of paint and some soft furnishings.

In addition the work will also have a 10 year guarantee, giving you peace of mind as you start to make use of your new found roof space.

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Partial/DIY Roof Lift

Similar to the complete roof lift, we can take care of anything, but with this option you have more control. Sometimes called a shell roof lit, with this option you choose which parts you’d like to get done either yourself or via someone else. With a partial roof lift, we will complete all of the core steps needed to take your existing roof through to structurally sound roof space, ready to use. This way you can take on the ultimate DIY project, call in friends and family to complete the internal work and final fitting.

Just like our full roof lift project, this still comes with our 10 year guarantee.

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Roof Lift Only

This is a great option to get you going, or perhaps part of a bigger project. With this option we only complete the very basics to get you a new roof in place. This can be done within as little as a week, leaving a whole new roof, with attic trusses inside ready for whatever you need to do next.

This roof lift only option is sometimes used for those that want it ready for conversion later, or make it ready for when the budget allows a conversion.

The next stage will be putting in fixed stairs, and start converting the new loft into a functional living space.

lift conversion with dormer

Roof Lifts With Dormers

With both the full or DIY option for your roof lift, we also offer the opportunity to add one or more dormers to your new roof. For some projects, the dormers add yet more space and can create a stunning feature to your roof.  You can choose between a huge array of dormers options, including full rear dormers, smaller pitched or cottage dormers, and many more. Whatever you’re looking for, we have traditional and contemporary design dormers options.

Dormers also get our 10 year guarantee as well.

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Concept Roof Lifts

Advancements in construction methods and materials are opening up so many more ideas for modern and contemporary roof and loft conversion designs. We are always keen to work with anyone with the same modern ideas as ourselves. Contact us today to discuss amazing ideas for your next roof lift or loft conversion.
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Luxury Fit & Finishes

As well as the core roofing and structural work, we know its the fit and finish and that matters. We can assist in finishing your loft project with an array of options, including luxury bathroom fittings and much more.

We work closely with every customer to best meet both their needs and their budget wherever possible. Challenge us today and see if we can meet your needs and budget…

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