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Roof Lift FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Our roof lift FAQ covers some of the most common questions we are asked. To read the answer, click on the question itself to see the answer expand.
I’m interested in getting my roof lift completed with TVM, what do I need to do?2019-07-18T16:04:52+01:00

The next steps are simple. Contact us today via the form below, or directly to any of the numbers provided. We’ll then arrange for our nearest surveyor to come out to your home and complete a design consultation.

This is definitely not a sales process for us, we’ll simply listen to your needs, gather some details, take some measurements and give you an idea of what can be done. If your interested, then you’ll receive a summary quote within a few days, with information on next steps if you want to proceed.

Call the main showroom on 08000 689 969.

Is the loft conversion work guaranteed?2019-07-18T16:04:10+01:00

Yes, we offer a full 10 year guarantee on the work. Contact us today to one of our surveys to learn more about guarantee and the service we offer.

Will a loft conversion add value to my property?2019-07-18T16:03:40+01:00

Absolutely it will. So many people are getting loft conversions and roof lifts done now instead moving home. The main reason it adds up to 25% on the value of your home, and it far cheaper than moving or an alternative extension.

Do I need planning permission?2019-07-18T16:03:13+01:00

In short, yes. As you are raising the roof ridge height (the point of the roof) then this by default requires planning permission. Don’t let this be a concern as we can handle the whole process for you. We can also advise on the probability of getting it through planning in the first instance, as we’ve had years of dealing with local authorities.

If you choose to do something more than just a roof lift, e.g. a rear dormer, then usually doesn’t add any additional delay or problems with getting planning permission. Again, this is something we can work with you and advise for your specific roofing renovation project.

For more detailed information about planning permission, please see Planning Permission page, which contains more details about planning permission and building regulations for a roof lift conversion in the UK

How long does it take to complete a roof lift conversion?2020-08-12T12:15:16+01:00

Similar to the question of cost for a loft conversion, time frames are difficult to give a clear guideline on. There are so many factors involved with converting a loft, including those listed in the previous question. To get a feel for all of the stages involved with a roof lift loft conversion, have a read through our Roof Lift Step by Step Guide.

To give you some idea of timescale:

  • A small detached house, with a DIY Roof Lift (also called a shell only conversion) take between 3-4 weeks on average
  • A large roof lift, with full fitting of 2 bedrooms, and a shared bathroom take between 5-7 weeks on average

For more information about your loft and the timescales, give us a call in the showroom today on 08000 689 969

How much does it cost for a roof lift conversion in the UK?2020-04-27T12:49:06+01:00

Firstly a roof lift isn’t as scary or as expensive as you might think. Yes of course there is an increase of cost over conventional loft conversions, as the work and cost involved in completing a full roof lift is more, but not to the point of it being significantly more.

With this in mind it’s difficult to give a clear answer to how much it costs. It also depends on how you want to have your new loft space fitted out, and how much of this will be done by your builder. The largest factors of converting a roof are:

1) As well as the main roof lift conversion you can also add on additional dormers, extending the space yet further.

3) How the space is to fitted out, such as how many windows, bathroom or en-suites, or do you want a juliet balcony

4) How much of the work you wish to complete yourself if any. We offer a DIY Loft Conversion option, ideal if you want to keep costs down.

If you want to get a free, no obligation quotation for your loft conversion, then contact us today for more information


Can I not simply convert my loft instead?2020-08-12T12:16:00+01:00

A large percentage of lofts can be converted, the difference is how far you have to go to make it a truly usable living space. If you want to convert within your existing loft space, you’ll need a minimum of head height of 2.3m from the top of the floor joist to the bottom of apex (see picture). If you don’t have the 2.3m height, then don’t worry there are other options, the primary being a roof lift.

Have you been told you can’t convert your loft before, then give us a call, as we’ve resolved this on many occasions.

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